Laura Misch – Shaped By Who We Knew [EP]

Even a cursory glance at the music scene at the moment will tell you that jazz is coming back into fashion in a big way. Laura Misch‘s debut EP Shaped By Who We Knew looks set to take advantage of this trend with her own unique style.

Laura, sister and long-time collaborator of Tom Misch, has gradually been releasing tracks from the EP over the course of the last 3 weeks. A highly talented saxophonist and vocalist, Misch’s songs weave together jazz, soul and funk, creating a sound which is both strikingly modern, and steeped in history.

Standout track, Jelly, swaggers and bounces on top of a bass line Robbie Shakespeare would be proud of, culminating in a near-dub ending. With the most recent addition to the EP – the gorgeous Moment of Calm (Interlude) – coming as recently as today, hopefully we have a lot more Laura Misch to look forward to in the near future.




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