Hush Moss – Slowly Disappear

Falling somewhere on the musical spectrum between Vampire Weekend, Mac DeMarco and Blood Orange, Berlin natives Hush Moss are creating spaced out, tropical, jazzy disco to soundtrack your summer.

Debut single, It Takes A Lot, was released late last year, with a suitably weird video featuring two dancing luchadores (which you can check out here:, and Slowly Disappear continues this off-kilter, funk aesthetic.

In the words of the band themselves: “It will make you think back to wet dreams and unanswered love letters. It’ll make you remember those rare Japanese porno mags you stashed in the attic in the late 70s. Mostly, it’ll cut a clear path of it’s own in your imagination – fabulously hedonistic”. And hey, it might not do all of that, but there’s no denying that it’s catchy.

Debut album ‘It Takes A Lot’ is released 10/09/16 on Average Negative.


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