Kornél Kovács – BB

Given that Kornél Kovács started his disc jockey career as a nerdy 14-year-old spinning jungle in Sweden in 1999, his debut album The Bells has been a long time coming.

The album was produced in the space of just two winter weeks by Kovács and close friend and studio engineer Matt Karmil. After much anticipation, The Bells is out on 26th August on Studio Barnhus, the ambiguous Stockholm label run by Kovács, Axel Boman and Petter Nordqvist that they describe as ‘a big blob of colour splashed right onto the grey scales of modern dance music’.

BB certainly adheres to that poetic interpretation and reflects how much the Swede has learnt over his extended career. Kovács takes inspiration from the sound Romare has popularised in recent years; a kind of deconstructed disco with vocal snatches and the twang of an electric guitar.

It is a track with peaks and troughs as it darkens for a minute at the midway point, however the revival of the infectious beat at the three-and-a-half minute mark will make for some memorable dancefloor moments.


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