Eliphino – Piano Day

A young Eliphino (AKA Tom Wrankmore) first started making beats as an escape from his dire call-centre job in his hometown Leeds. After a migration south, via Berlin, his 2011 release More Than Me soundtracked the UK’s progression towards a new dawn in electronic music with its recurrent vocals and beat and colourful artwork. Its success is highlighted in the name of Wrankmore’s newly founded label, Joy in Repetition.

The EP Isabella Road is Eliphino’s first release on his new label, and it could prove to be equally as influential as 2011’s More Than Me. The electronic playlist demonstrates Wrankmore’s versatility and ability to toy with different genres, spanning house, minimal techno, drum and bass and the kind of euphoric dance music that Jamie XX has found such success with in the track Link Later.

Although Link Later fits comfortably with today’s musical trends, Piano Day is the most striking track on the EP. An explosive drum and bass effort that screams into life in a hark back to Eliphino’s northern musical upbringing, Piano Day is a worthy tribute to a style that refuses to die and is as strong as ever in most quarters.



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