eskimoe – Why Here

You know those humid, sticky summer days where your sole task is to go to Londis, pick up that milk that you’ve been meaning to get for ages and you still can’t be bothered? eskimoe has the cure for that.

The Oxford producer and singer quietly dropped a contender for 2016’s EP of the year with If You Can back in March, and he’s followed it up with Why Here, an upbeat, bouncy summer anthem that’s sure to put a spring in your step. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for days when the crushing responsibility of being young and essentially care-free just gets too much.

Sounding a bit like a cross between SBTRKT and Just Jack – but without being anything like as bad as that would probably be in reality – Why Here shuffles along, hitting its stride after its initially jarring beat and ends up sounding precisely nothing like eskimoe’s previously self-described “Marijuana induced, depressing R&B”. And it might just prevent you from having to have water on your Cheerios.

eskimoe’s new EP is “on the way for the end of summer”, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.





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