Midweek Archive: Jazzanova – Let Me Show Ya (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

The Midweek Archive is the place to discover those low-key tracks that may have drifted under your radar over the years while you were busy playing Subbuteo, getting your GCSEs, and coming to terms with your crippling student debt. Every week we’ll hit you with some old gold that might just be new to you.

Henrik Schwarz is quite possibly the king of the remix, with a stellar list of reworked artists in his portfolio, including Omar and Stevie Wonder, Emmanuel Jal and Coldcut.

However, one remix that may have slipped through the net despite the fact it is undoubtedly amongst his best is his 2012 remix of Jazzanova’s 2008 release Let Me Show Ya. The Berlin-based jazz house DJ/ producer collective Jazzanova are Schwarz’s compatriots and long-time friends.

Schwarz turns his hand to Let Me Show Ya and the outcome is something special. It is a credit to him as a producer that he can somehow sew together this variety of sounds so seamlessly; the dreamy harmony of the intro, the synthesised strings, the vaguely ominous bassline and the uplifting vocals of Detroit’s Paul Randolph. In case you missed it, this is a remix to be admired.


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