Jaunt – Chat [EP]

We voted Leave, Theresa May’s the Prime Minister, Sam Allardyce is the manager of England and we’ve already had our allocated five days of The Great British Summertime™. In short, everything’s just a little bit rubbish at the moment. Let Jaunt be the musical hug you need right now.

Hailing from Toronto, Jaunt sound like Beach House, if Beach House actually lived in a beach house and enjoyed everything about their lives. Their dreamy pop is every bit as lovely as the above photo would lead you to believe, and it’s sort of perfect. With lush guitars, breezy vocals and all-round pleasant noises, Chat is the musical equivalent of getting into a bed with fresh sheets after a bubble bath at the end of a long day at work.

Gentle Reminder is the highlight here, a sun-dipped number featuring a re-working of Usher’s ‘U Remind Me’. Chat is less of a tumble down the rabbit hole than a lazy slide into one; so close your eyes, find somewhere nice to lie down and let it wash over you.

Chat is released on 29/7, and can be pre-ordered now here




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