A poet named lily – Rainy Haze

‘Spoken word’ can have something of a stigma attached. I mean, we all thought we’d try and be a bit cultured during first year and pop down to that poetry slam night on campus and, well, the less said about that the better. Luckily, A poet named lily, is nothing like the awkward third-year English student you saw on that fateful night.

The South-East Londoner weaves together stories of love, loss and the subtle nuances of everyday life with aplomb, perhaps no more so than on new release Rainy Haze. Painting a powerful portrait of a relationship breakdown over a Nils Frahm-esque piano line courtesy of Mr. Nouilles, the song is so intimate that it feels almost dirty to listen to; like eavesdropping on someone’s drunken phone call to their ex on a night bus.

Rainy Haze is the third of four fantastic songs dropped this month from the young artist, at a rate so quick that we’re struggling to keep up. We hear that there’s a lot more on the way, so watch this space.



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