Lady Fern – Summer Series Compilation 2016

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and people are dusting off their knitwear: summer’s coming to an end. Celebrate its memory with Lady Fern’s new Summer Series Compilation 2016.

As the name suggests, this is a compilation of the band’s Summer Series: a selection of tracks released every couple of weeks over the course of summer; a slice of sunshine in the form of lo-fi indie pop numbers. The Portland natives craft catchy, singalong numbers weaving together funky guitar, distorted bass and a voice which belies frontman Jordan Dean Riddle’s years, sounding like a lovechild of Cold War Kids, Phoenix and The Strokes.

SUN SOAKED is a strong opening track, sounding both familiar but unique, with a laid back guitar riff sloping over a falling bass line as Riddle’s looping lyrics embed themselves in your head. There Are No Sad Songs is the highlight though, and could earn the band a considerable amount if it finds its way into the hands of advertisers, as instantly appealing as it is. The EP winds down towards the end with Our Time and Preach conjuring up images of relaxing on cooler end-of-summer days, and ending the series on a high.

Summer Series Compilation 2016 is available now on Soundcloud, and  you can check out Lady Fern’s Facebook page here.

NB. An earlier version of this article credited Jordan Dean Riddle for the album; the artist name under which the album was originally released.



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