Towheavi – I

I’m going to hold my hands up here and admit it: I don’t know as much about the state of Tehran’s electronic scene as I could, or perhaps should. If the new album by Towheavi is anything to go by, however, that might well change soon.

The Iranian producer has released 7 tracks of downtempo, ambient electronic that demands to be listened to. This is not an album of easy-listening, catchy singles; instead it is one which swells and grows over its duration, conjuring emotions and creating soundscapes steeped in atmosphere. This is an album which you should set time aside for and immerse yourself in.

Drop Circles opens, its distorted chimes clashing and colliding beautifully with one another, before 3 AM Diztracted takes you on a journey; a soft marimba loop lulling you into a false sense of security before a jarring sample crashes in and destroys the calm. Feelings Falling is UNKLE-esque, combining overdriven guitars with whispered vocals. We then get a period of almost hip-hop beats – Window Holds Me Beneath The Life, And There I Was My Own Brother and To Distort and Restore – each with their own warped spin on the genre, but all three dark, heavy and brooding. The aptly named Last Breath wraps up the album, with a piano loop riding over broken beats, punctuated by wailing vocals.

Give a listen below.



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