Sampology – Natural Selections

The musical stylings of Brisbane’s Sampology align perfectly with the name of the label he is signed to: Soul Has No Tempo. His new six-track EP, Natural Selections, is a melting pot of creative and eclectic sounds, comprising a range of different instruments and rhythms.

The Aussie producer has been relatively quiet since the release of his debut album in 2012, and despite a strong following in his native country and in the US, he has yet to make a major impact on the saturated UK scene. Natural Selections seems be the end of that though, with all six tracks doused in beats and rhythms that are planted on the current pulse, he has already turned the heads of Gilles Peterson and Boiler Room.

Lead single Thicker Than Water has received a lot of the plaudits, however it is the title track that should grab your attention as you start your journey through the 18-minute EP. For an authentic tropical backdrop, Sampology uses the African hand instrument, the kalimba, layered with interweaving polyrhythms, drums and birdsong. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the song breaks in to an afro-bossanova style crescendo as it draws to a conclusion.

Natural Selections is available to buy now.


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