Uffe – Whose Life

No not Uffie, the American-French singer, songwriter and rapper best known for breakout single Pop The Glock. This is Uffe, the Amsterdam-based Danish producer known for his sample-heavy jazz and downtempo house music.

The Four Tetinspired artist has already released a number of critically-acclaimed EP’s, including Colors Outside and Straess in 2012, and last year’s Radio Days, which included the effortlessly cool, I Can Show You High. This year looks set to be another busy one for Uffe, with a number of releases already, as well as an album on the way.

Whose Life is taken off the remarkable Whose Life/Last Call EP, a jazz-inflected collection which seamlessly combines live instrumentation and dusty samples. The track weaves together a soft guitar loop with a bass-line dripping in funk, alongside sparse drumming and Uffe’s rhythmic vocals – creating a low-fi, laid back number to groove to.

Whose Life/Last Call EP is a Blueberry Records release, with Uffe’s new album No out on October 14th on Tartelet Records. Check out his Facebook page here for more details, and listen to the rest of the album here.


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