NIALL.G – Ms. Laurent

Full disclosure: I was, and still am, a huge fan of Only Real, so when I heard that lead singer NIALL.G (AKA ‘Vile Niall Galvin’) was recording new material, it’s safe to say that I was more than a little bit excited.

Luckily, it turns out that I was well within my rights to be. First came In The Mood, a Beatles-esque piano-based demo track, full of lovely harmonies and a catchy chorus. Now we have Niall’s first full effort: Ms. Laurent, a teen angst-filled love letter for everyone who’s ever had the hots for their teacher. So, everyone.

Fans of Only Real will recognise the laid-back groove which runs through the song, as well as Niall’s signature jangling guitars and groovy basslines, and whilst this track may be more stripped-back than songs from Jerk At The End Of The Line, this style of music lends itself to minimal, bedroom production, harking back to Days In The City or Mac Demarco’s demo tapes.

Niall claims to be “just doing music for fun now”, but when you can make music this good for fun, who knows what the future holds?


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