Oscar Jerome – Give Back What You Stole From Me

Yet more jazz-tinged fiyah from south of the river. On his debut self-titled EP, 24-year-old Oscar Jerome (FKA Oscar Laurence) does justice to influences such as Gil Scott-Heron, John Coltrane and Dilla.

The EP is the culmination of six years of development embedded in the thriving music scene of South London. Jerome has served his time as a vocalist, guitarist and composer with countless other acts, honing his own musical understanding.

Like his heroes, Jerome’s songwriting is often loaded and politically charged. Give Back What You Stole From Me is no different with Jerome rallying his audience to ‘stand up and say no’, conveying the widespread sentiment of a generation that feels it has been robbed by unfaithful politics.

Despite the striking message, Give Back What You Stole From Me is as wonderfully chilled as it is energetic, with Jerome’s pacy spoken word and vocals over wistful guitars and infectious tenor saxophone melodies.

Oscar Jerome is out November 2nd.



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