Melchior Sultana – Healer [EP]

The man with the name as cool as his music, Melchior Sultana, is proof that top-notch electronic dance music is being produced in every corner of Europe at the moment.

The 30-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist hails from the Mediterranean island nation of Malta and is still based there. He is an artist whose work has been embellished by his inspiring surroundings, and that is certainly palpable with the bass guitar often giving a distinctly Mediterranean feel to his music. His new EP is out today (November 2).

The downtempo title track is the undoubtable highlight, with a beautiful vocal sample creeping in to the tune over Sultana’s trademark bass line and synths. You can almost see yourself on a Mediterranean rooftop somewhere, cocktail in hand, slightly sweaty, as you move to the music with the sun beating down on ye.

Healer is followed by Story, an infectious if repetitive house staple, with exotic synths over a classic deep house beat pattern powered by a 4/4 drum machine. Time Can Tell wraps up the EP in similar fashion, but the deeper and jazzier nature of the track offers something different.

Sultana’s new EP, Healer, is out today on vinyl only.


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