Midnight Magic – I Gotta Feeling (Jacques Renault Remix)

This is an absolutely stonking remix that is well and truly made in Brooklyn, with resident Jacques Renault turning his hand to neighbours Midnight Magic‘s piece of nu-disco magic, I Gotta Feeling.

Renault is originally from Washington D.C., but eventually arrived in Brooklyn via Chicago after a personal history steeped in music and subsequently electronic music. Today Renault is renowned internationally and he has played both Plastic People and Fabric (RIP the both of ’em).

Midnight Magic hail from LA originally. They gradually migrated east, acquiring more members and a new name in the process and now reside in the cultural hotbed that is The Borough of Homes and Churches in NYC. They describe themselves as a ‘larger than life disco boogie ensemble that has captivated audiences from Copenhagen to Colombia’, and it is hard to put it any differently when you hear the funk in their music and the powerful vocals of lead Tiffany Roth.

Renault has essentially put a ‘donk’ on Midnight Magic’s recent release, I Gotta Feeling, and although the original is great, Renault’s club dub is something else. The remix is out now on Soul Clap Records and coming soon to a dance floor near you.



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