casso clay – Told U

In a year of lows, perhaps the great tragedy of 2016 was that one of my favourite artists of the year never actually made it onto these pages. Like the protagonists of The Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping, for one reason or another it never quite happened. Yet now, nightlite and casso clay are finally able to have our cranberry sauce moment.

East-London native clay has dropped Told U, a 90’s-babymaking-R&B-sounding track drenched in shimmering chimes and vibey electric piano loops. Like all clay’s releases however, it is his voice and lyrics which take centre stage. This is a man with an ear for hooks, rhyming couplets and lines which get stuck in your head and stay there all day – And you’re vex because I’m looking for the door //I used to give you all the sex and now I don’t even call or text no more – all delivered in his signature laidback, confident drawl.

If you’re a fan of Told U, check out Pavonia Penny – one of my picks of 2016 – and then pretty much everything else clay’s released, it’s all gold.


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