Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – let gO Of my egO

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, or think that hip-hop died with Tupac and Biggie, you’ll know that Chicago is probably the hottest city in the world right now for the genre. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya is ensuring it stays that way.

Make no mistake, the multi-instrumentalist is no newbie to the scene, having released music through at least 12 different acts for at least 7 years. However, not all have been as… accessible as let gO Of my egO – good luck asking the nice young person behind the desk at HMV for last year’s tribute album We Gotchu – A Pluntooberous Tribute To The Zugooberant Boy Nalmdy With The Grimey Cheese Teeth By A Pre-Scrubursculant Craggle Of Plungübboral Goons!! for example – but this track is special. Backed by a beat that will have you nodding your head until your neck hurts, with a catchy chorus and rhythmic spitting, save money on the heating bill this winter, and warm yourself on this fire instead.

let gO Of my egO is the first single from Nnamdi Ogbonnaya’s new album DROOL, set to be released on 03/03/17 through Sooper Records and Father/Daughter Records. It is available for pre-order through Ogbonnaya’s bandcamp here.


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